Who We Are

"SHANGYEGUWEN is a premier business strategy company. We help the C-level executives in technology companies make business decisions"

SHANGYEGUWEN (pinyin Shāng-yè-Gù-wèn) is company based in Singapore that started off with providing expansion strategy for Asia based clients looking to tap into cutting edge technology developments in the USA for new product ideas and helping them with decisions of whether to build, buy or partner for those ideas. SHANGYEGUWEN has grown to tap into a vast network of trusted professionals based in various parts of the world to bring depth not only in technical subject matter expertise but also in local cultural values and norms that takes precedence over all other matters for business expansions in a foreign city. We understand cutting edge technology, markets, and culture. We are a strong network of professionals ranging business professors at ivy-league colleges, industry veterans, and graduates from some of the best colleges in the world. We understand the power of a network.



“We will put you on a growth path 我們將您推向成長的路上”

We work with your team to 我們可以協助您

Analyze internal capabilities for cutting edge technological product ideas, explore markets opportunities and organic growth options.


Decide whether to build a product internally or whether to buy or partner with another company.


Establish corporate workflow processes to take your new product ideas through product development, introduction in the market, sales, marketing, and revenue realization.


Hire right people who will develop and grow the perfect corporate culture conducive for the growth of the company in the direction you want.


Analyze hurdles to your growth, provide data and solutions for your internal as well external issues.




Are you underappreciated but believe that you are special?

If there is a problem that you could solve better than the rest, we would like to talk with you.We are always looking for experts in various business areas ranging Market Insights to Management to Shipping to Digital Marketing to Telecommunications. Our work model will make full use of your expertise. We will make you someone special.